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JPEG Image Sets

Images approx. 640 x 480 pixels (We no longer offer slide sets.)
JPEG SetsNumber of ImagesPrice of Set

North American Waterfowl
Comprehensive set of Ducks, Geese, and Swans of North America.
60 Images
North American Egrets, Herons and Allies
Representive set of North American Ciconiiformes, includes spoonbills, ibis, herons, egrets and bitterns.
40 Images

North American Falconiformes
Comprehensive set of North American Hawks, Vultures and Falcons. Including many in flight.

60 Images
North American Shorebirds
Comprehensive set of photographs of plovers, oystercatchers stilts, and sandpipers, and more.
60 Images
North American Owls
Photographs of all North American owl species
20 Images
Bird Families of the World
Representive photographs of almost every bird family throughout the world. Includes: 178 Families.
213 Images

North American Endangered & Extinct
North American and Hawaiian endangered and extinct species. Includes species such as California Condor, Bald Eagle, Hawaiian Hawk and many more.

40 Images
Bird Orders of the World
Subset of bird families of the world, represents all extant bird orders.
40 Images
Eastern Wood Warblers
Comprehensive collection of the spring parulid warblers of Eastern North America.
40 Images
Familiar Eastern Birds
Common and easily observed birds of Eastern North America.
80 Images
Backyard Birds
Subset of Familiar Eastern Birds set, includes species found in suburban and urban areas.
24 Images
Birds of the Southwest
Summer birds of the southwest. Including specialities and rarities of Southeastern Arizona.
70 Images
North American Buntings, Sparrows and Towhees
Comprehensive collection of North American sparrows and their allies.
70 Images
Bird Behavior
Photographs of a wide variety of avian behaviors; includes, mating systems, parental care, self-maintenance, communication, migration, and more.
90 Images
Familiar Western Birds
Common and easily observed birds of Western North America.
80 Images
Neotropical Migrants
Eastern migrants from the New World Tropics, includes vireos, orioles, tanagers, warblers and others.
20 Images$40.00
CD-ROM of Petersons Field Guide$65.95
CD-ROM of Thayer's Birds of North America$65.00