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Common Backyard Birds of the East

This sub-set of Familiar Eastern Birds shows 20 species found in urban and suburban habitats in the Northeastern US. It includes many species likely to be found visiting a backyard feeding station.

Common NameScientific Name
Eastern Screech-OwlOtus asio
Rock DoveColumba livia
Mourning DoveZenaida macroura
Ruby-throated HummingbirdArchilochus colubris
Downy WoodpeckerPicoides pubescens
Northern "Yellow-shafted" FlickerColaptes auratus
Blue JayCyanocitta cristata
American CrowCorvus brachyrhynchos
Black-capped ChickadeePoecile atricappilus
Tufted TitmouseBaeolophus bicolor
White-breasted NuthatchSitta carolinensis
House WrenTroglodytes aedon
American RobinTurdus migratorius
Northern MockingbirdMimus polyglottos
Gray CatbirdDumetella carolinensis
European StarlingSturnus vulgaris
Cedar WaxwingBombycilla cedrorum
Northern CardinalCardinalis cardinalis
Dark-eyed "Slate-colored" JuncoJunco hyemalis
Song SparrowMelospiza melodia
Common GrackleQuiscalus quiscula
House FinchCarpodacus mexicanus
American GoldfinchCarduelis tristis
House SparrowPasser domesticu