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Contributing Photographs to VIREO

VIREO is a library of ornithological photographs founded within The Academy of Natural Sciences in 1979 to provide the research and educational community with fine bird photographs, and to provide a scientifically-curated collection to commercial users.

VIREO The late, great Tom Vezo in Nome Alaska

Submitting images for review:

We welcome small submissions of JPEG's for review. E-mail ten of your best images for our consideration. You may wish to look at our web site and choose photos that are better than those we are displaying for a particular species. If you are interested in submitting digital images to VIREO and donating your royalties to build the collection, you may bypass the review stage and send images according to our digital specs.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for photographs documenting the many facets of avian biology such as age, sex, behavior, and plumage differences within each species.

Digital images:
We accept digital images from SLR digital cameras. As a rule, we are less interested in digiscope photos, unless the subject is unusually rare. When submitting photos for the collection, follow our digital specs.

VIREO only accepts color slides that are of exceptional quality or content. Before you send us slides, please write outlining what slides you are offering. If possible, send us some JPEG scans for review.

VIREO will take every precaution to care for your photographs, however we cannot accept liability for loss or damage, however caused.

Use of the photographs and payments:

Users may obtain VIREO duplicates or JPEG's of your slides for scholarly uses and educational, non-profit lectures (in these cases fees at cost and not shared with the photographer), or they may purchase one-time reproduction rights. Profits from commercial uses are shared equally by VIREO and you, although many ornithologists choose to donate their share from such sales to help support VIREO.

Don't forget the data:

VIREO rarely accepts photographs without date and locality information. Other background data such as age, sex, plumage, and behavior, greatly increase the scientific value of your photographs and should be included when known.

Digital specs:

Submit the largest files your camera takes.

We prefer you submit in TIFF format. However if you shoot in JPEG mode, you may submit in JPEG format.

Adobe 1998 color space highly preferred.

Images should be cleaned and adjusted for color and contrast, but not sharpened.

Data can be submitted in the following ways in order of preference:

   1. In the "File Info" or IPTC fields

   2. Some other electronic format

   3. Written data corresponding to file names.

Images can be submitted on DVD or CD-ROM. Other formats are available for special cases, please consult with us first.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

VIREO (Visual Resources for Ornithology)
The Academy of Natural Sciences
1900 Ben Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Tel: (215) 299-1069 Fax: (215) 299-1079