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Search and Lightbox Tips


Searching for birds on our web site is straightforward when searching by the name of the bird. Just type the name, or part of the name, in the appropriate box and click on the Search button or hit the Enter key on your computer.

Less is more. If there are punctuation marks in the common name, they must be included, so sometimes it is easier just to search on part of the name. For example if you search for eastern screech, you will see all of the Eastern Screech-Owl photos. If you search for Eastern Screech Owl you will get nothing. You need to include the hyphen.

To search by the VIREO image code, enter the entire image code, or use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard if you are searching by a portion of the code.

To search by family of birds, click on Search by Family in the dropdown menu below Search on the menubar.

Keywords unrelated to the categories in the search menu should be entered in the Comments box in Advanced Search. You may wish to call or email us if you don't see the desired images. We can help you find the images you need.

Advanced Search will show photos that fit all criteria in your search.


A lightbox allows you to collect images that you may want for publication or to purchase for a non-profit educational lecture. You must register and sign in to use the lightbox feature. You can add and delete images. You can also create multiple lightboxes.

To create a lightbox, just search for the first image that you want. Then, click on the link below the image that says: "Add to Lightbox." If you prefer, you can click in the check boxes below the images and select several images on the page. Just remember to click on the "Add checked images to Lightbox" bar below before moving on to another page.

To see your lightbox, either click on View Lightbox at the bottom of the page or under Lightbox on the menu bar at the top of the page.

We recommend that you name your lightboxes. Click on the Rename Lightbox button and enter the new name.

To order images, select Order Lightbox on the menu bar below Lightbox. Enter the information and we will send you a quote as we prepare the images. Usual turnaround time is one business day for small orders.

Our site is not fully automated. You can select images using our Lightbox tool and submit the order by choosing Order Lightbox from the drop down below Lightbox on the menu bar. You will need to pay by phone or fax or by emailing a purchase order.


You can view more than one large image at a time by using the SHIFT key when clicking on thumbnail images in the search results. Depending on how your browser is set up, the additional images could show up in tabs or in a window behind the page you are working on.