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The Eastern Wood Warblers of North America

Slide Set

This set shows 36 species of Eastern Wood Warblers. All species are shown in the colorful male breeding plumage. Photos of male and female American Redstart and Black-throated Blue Warbler are included.

Common NameScientific Name
 Black-and-White Warbler Mniotilta varia
Golden-winged WarblerVermlvora chrysoptera
Blue-winged Warbler Vermlvora pinus
Tennessee WarblerVermlvora peregrina
Nashville WarblerVermlvora ruficapilla
Northern Parula Parula americana
Yellow WarblerDendroica petechia
Chestnut-sided WarblerDendroica pensylvanica
Cerulean WarblerDendroica cerulea
Black-throated Blue WarblerDendroica caerulescens
Black-throated Blue WarblerDendroica caerulescens
Pine WarblerDendroica pinus
Yellow-throated WarblerDendroica dominica
Black-throated Green WarblerDendroica virens
Prairie Warbler Dendroica discolor
Cape May WarblerDendroica tigrina
Blackburnian WarblerDendroica fusca
Magnolia WarblerDendroica magnolia
Yellow-rumped WarblerDendroica coronata
Palm WarblerDendroica palmarum
Kirtland's Warbler Dendroica kirtlandii
Blackpoll WarblerDendroica striata
Bay-breasted WarblerDendroica castanea
American RedstartSetophaga ruticilla
American RedstartSetophaga ruticilla
OvenbirdSeiurus aurocapullus
Northern WaterthrushSeiurus noveboracensis
Louisiana WaterthrushSeiurus motacilla
Worm-eating WarblerHelmitheros vermivorus
Prothonotary Warbler Protonotaria citrea
Common YellowthroatGeothlypis trichas
Common YellowthroatGeothlypis trichas
Kentucky WarblerOporornis formosus
Connecticut WarblerOporornis agilis
Mourning WarblerOporornis philadelphia
Hooded WarblerWilsonia citrina
Hooded WarblerWilsonia citrina
Wilson's Warbler Wilsonia pusilla
Wilson's WarblerWilsonia pusilla
Canada WarblerWilsonia canadensis